Cairngorm Bothies, Logie Coldstone, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire AB345NJ | Call +44 (0) 1339 289103

Walking through Blelack Woods is a memorable experience.

Watching the rising sun flicker through the cathedral Scot’s Pine, casting long shadows onto the dense heather and blaeberry on the forest floor… Hearing the songs of thrushes, sparrows and chaffinches echoing amongst each other…Sparrow

Looking down to see a red squirrel perched on a tree stump feeding…Red Squirrel

Noticing the inquisitive stare of a deer in the distance… Deer

We had to share this.

But how could we share such an experience without spoiling it?

As the name suggests we took our inspiration from bothies. Upon approaching your individual bothy you will become immersed in an atmosphere of seclusion, mimicking that of the traditional mountain refugee’s the name originates from. Carefully constructed with the aim of creating as little disturbance to the surrounding forest as possible, each bothy is built elevated from the ground and set back into the rich lush healthy land. Our aim was integrate forest living whilst minimising the environmental impact. Each bothie has been strategically positioned to give an unspoilt view into forest so that guests can enjoys the woodland’s flora and fauna.