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Once owned by the Gordon Family, Blelack woods hosts some of the finest Scot’s Pine in the country. Tree’s that have thrived over centuries tower around you as you feel the history that they hold. The presence of Tree Lungwort and Old Man’s Beard indicate the clean air that surrounds you. Take time to stop and breathe, you will find the air colder drier and fresher.

Ascend through the woods, look to the west and you can catch a glimpse of the dominating peak of Morven; heather clad in summer and snow topped in winter.

Whether you’re exploring one of the many trails that lead through the forest or you’re appreciating the tranquility from the decking of your bothy, the abundance of wildlife will be noticed. Red squirrels are common and can will be seen hanging out by the nut feeders or scurrying up the pine trees.

Nearby lochans make ideal spots for roe deer to drink from and they are commonly found here. If you’re lucky, the more elusive red deer have can been seen in Blelack

Close your eyes and listen to the variety of songs from  the woodland birds that live here. Look up and you could catch a glimpse of a buzzard, kestrels or sparrowhawk circling above you.